Bojar is my ape-looking dog and the first Czech dog and the first of itís kind to reach the Philippines. He is an all-black Czech GSD son to Gero z Blatenskeho Zamku. Gero is one of the top-producing studs and sire to many working dogs in Czech Republick. Bojarís dam is Anny Znama Firma, an Arys Travnicova daughter who comes from the old Czech line of Drago z Humnan, a legendary tracking dog. Bojar is likewise a serious and relentless mantracker.

Bojar, like his father, is a sharp and civil dog. He is like a switch that you can turn on and off and his protection is explosive, fast and STRONG. He does not allow incursions to his ownerís property or vehicles. Yet this dog is so stable and can be left with children and with other animals. Bojar, along with my other dogs, provides our required home security and defense effectively.